Technology and Tools

The tools and technologies we use to create state of the art websites are:
  • HTML 5 - A major update to HTML has recently been released, so we are now able to take advantage of many additional and powerful features now integrated into the latest browsers.
    HTML 5 at wikipedia
  • Apache - the fastest and most relaible web server
  • Apache HTTP Server Project
  • Linux - our websites are hosted on Linux servers for performance, security and flexibility.
  • PHP5 - the latest and most powerful scripting language.
  • CSS3 - this is the most feature packed version of CSS, now allowing for some very impressive effects.
  • JQuery - our favourite technology for creating amazing Javascript based effects.
  • Our website are tested in the following browsers, to ensure compatibilty:
    Firefox (our preferred browser) ... download
    Internet Explorer 10 ... download
    Chrome ... download
    Safari ... download
    Opera ... download